Responsive, Caring and intelligent. My agent and friend for 10 years.
I just call Rukavina the world's greatest aviation insurance broker!
Dr. Rich Zic
Lear 40XR owner

Two years ago,  I fulfilled a lifelong dream by buying and flying a P - 51 Mustang aircraft.
As part of this transaction, we needed specialty insurance and were introduced to Tony Rukavina, of Rukavina Aircraft Insurance.  Tony was extremely helpful and efficient, helping us to obtain the insurance we needed on a cost effective basis. This was especially critical, since I was a low-time war bird pilot.  He was a pleasure to deal with.
Over the last two years, we have called on Tony for numerous additional issues, such as buying and insuring another vintage war bird, an N3N Naval training plane, and insuring the P - 51 Mustang for certification to fly at various air shows around the country. In every instance, Tony was fully responsive and able to meet our needs in the most expeditious manner.  Once again, he is great to deal with.
Kendall S. Wagner, M.D., P-51 Mustang owner
Alan Jarrick, business advisor

Tony Rukavina has been handling my insurance needs for over 8 years.  He has taken care of the unique needs of my two aircraft, a Cessna 150 and a Nanchang CJ-6 warbird.  With this in mind, Tony has always provided me with the most competitive, cost effective policy for each aircraft.  No question goes unanswered and he is readily available to answer your email or phone call."
Derrick Knight

"I have been impressed and pleased with Rukavina Aircraft Insurance's quick responses to my questions and concerns including phone calls returned over the weekend.  With my busy schedule that kind of service keeps me flying when I want."

Bill Hughes

As an aircraft owner and long time customer of Rukavina Aircraft Insurance, I am glad to recommend them to anyone looking for aircraft insurance, Tony has given me great service over the years and always went out of his way to be sure I got the best value in both coverage and price. It is refreshing to deal with an individual who follows up on any question and provides outstanding service."
Tom Starke, ATP/CFII

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Rukavina for the past 4 years. Tony was recommended by the broker that sold me our Columbia 400. Cost conscience and responsive describe Rukavina Insurance. What I personally liked about Tony, even though he is from Kentucky and I'm from PA, I felt as if we have known each other and have been friends for 30 years! I believe this is how we need to be able to view our business relationships! I can be more confident in an individual and his company when I know they are looking out for my best interest as well as my family!
Thanks Tony for giving the Groff�s peace of mind and another friend!

Craig Groff

I have the pleasure of know and working with Tony Rukavina for the past eight years. As an independent Columbia Aircraft dealer, I always recommended Tony to prospective aircraft purchasers. Tony was consistently able to secure the most competitive quotes for the prospect. He accomplished this by establishing relationships with underwriters to make sure the underwriter best understood the aircraft being insured in addition to the experience and skills of the prospective buyer. He also advised the prospect of ways the prospect could lower their insurance cost over time. Tony is extraordinarily responsive to both me as a salesperson and to the prospective buyer. It is not unusual for him to answer within minutes messages sent late at night and he routinely provides same day service to me and to my prospect. I have never had any person I referred to Tony tell me they were in any way unhappy with his service. To the contrary, he is praised for the great rates and quick response.
Doug Walker
Owner, Columbia Aircraft East and Midwest.

"NAFCO (National Aircraft Finance Company) has referred numerous clients to Tony at Aircraft Insurance and have received great reviews about the wonderful service he provides and the overall excellent quotes for aircraft insurance.  Tony is incredible to do business with; we at NAFCO bank on it!!"

Chuck Dimeler
Vice Pres/GM, NAFCO

"My association with Rukavina Aircraft Insurance is approaching four years.  Tony was recommended by the broker that sold me a Cherokee 140.  Flawless, cost effective and responsive is the best way to describe Rukavina Insurance.  I now drive a Comanche and needless to say, Tony handles my policy.  I am confident I have the best coverage at the best price.  Also noteworthy is Tony's work with RV builders in the experimental arena."
Rick Conti